In the broader scope of things, what are the opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of equipment to contribute to the success of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai?

The Expo is a good platform and opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers to contribute to its success and expose themselves on a world scale. However, gaining access to it is difficult. The approved vendors on the list are defined, and it is challenging to supply if you are not on the list. Clients want products from brands known in the market, especially brands that follow stringent quality measures or provide a utility or services that go above and beyond what the market is used to.


Could you elaborate on the progress of Expo Projects?

Overall, the projects at the Expo site are moving at a fast pace with tight deadlines. I don’t think there are any delays in projects, nor are there any problems with regard to cash flow; so far, It is working well for us, and everything seems well-planned.

As a supplier to the project, on whom does the onus of a good visitor experience lie?

Suppliers and manufacturers work behind the scenes. In terms of visitors’ experience, the onus of doing a good job lies with the client. who (is, directly and indirectly, responsible) for installing and maintaining the products. I would say that Expo 2020 will take Dubai and the UAE to a new level from a global perspective. in terms of markets demand, the region is already seeing an uptake of new projects, which is likely to get better with the Expo coming up (ccme)




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