Nothing was done in rush. We were clear since our inception that the Regal collection should lead the way in the ceramic industry. And therefore, arduous efforts were put in at every stage. What we are today is a result of the blood and sweat we have invested in our past. We are extremely proud of the fact that today  Regal collection is a synonym for ultra-fine high-quality products. Be it our most advanced technology. our flexible ways of working, professionalism, and ability to build trust amongst our channel partners and customers, all have contributed to what the Regal collection is today. 

Our Collection


It is the symbolizes Simplicity and Comfort of your space, we design this unique and mesmerizing collection.

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With the Canvas collection, everyday experiences can be enhanced with a different perspective.

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The beauty of nature around us is one of the greatest blessings of God on us; we accepted the things and crafted this collection.

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A collection of artwork is a quality inspiration for everyone; we take art as a way to define the world through a variety of colors that can change people’s lives.

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